Best STEK Paint Protection Film in New Jersey

Protection Film Packages

Every Paint Protection Film install receives our Level 1 Exterior to prep the surface

Partial Front


High impact areas must be protected!  Our Partial Protection PPF covers from 18” to 24” of your vehicles hood surface with Stek’s Clear Bra PPF. 


Full Front


A special characteristic about our Full Front PPF package is that we incorporate “wrapped edges” where possible.  With this feature, the edges of the film are extended to tuck into the inside of the panels. This makes your Stek PPF nearly invisible. 


Full Front Performance


This package is ideal in covering all the prone areas of impact mostly common on vehicles that are driven  daily on highways or tracked.


Full Body


Whether you are looking for that nearly invisible PPF film or more of a stealth appearance created by a matte or satin finish, our Full Body PPF package provides all types of vehicles with long lasting style or protection. 


Maintain Your Vehicle’s Perfection &
Appearance Without Avoiding Driving It

STEK Paint Protection Film is much more protective than ceramic coating. PPF or also known as “clear bra” is a transparent material that adheres to your vehicle’s exterior. This is film is composed of a urethane that is tense enough to consistently and involuntarily stretch back to its original smooth surface. That means when small damage or scratches occur against your paint work, the paint protection film absorbs the impact and stretches back to a flat state, usually erasing what was done in the moment. At the very least, it protects and preserves your OEM paint, which can be costly to repaint or match.

Here at M&G Automotive Detailing, we are trained and certified in STEK Paint Protection Film which reaps some of the most protective self healing characteristics on the market today. Please contact us to learn about STEK Paint Protection Film today!


There are many reasons why vehicle owners bring their vehicle into our shop here at M&G for STEK PPF. The most common reason is peace of mind. With STEK clear bra PPF, you can drive with the peace of mind that your vehicle is protected. The worst feeling is cringing every time you hear a rock ricochet against your vehicle or worrying that your vehicle will be scratched when parking at a busy store or event.


This is a very similar characteristic between paint protection films and our ceramic coating packages. While the primary reason most purchase a paint protection film is due to its self-healing abrasion resistance, it too has a hydrophobic, glossy surface that enhances paintwork while
preventing stains, fading from the sun, and other surface degradation from the environment.


Your vehicle’s surfaces that can be covered by STEK PPF are sure to boast some of the most low-maintenance characteristics imaginable. This is not only by way of less frequent exterior cleaning, but also via its resistance to abrasions that would ultimately need to be buffed and polished from your finish.