Terms & Conditions

Quality Of Service

Our goal is to provide the highest quality service with every Ceramic Coating, PPF, or Detail we offer. We want you to be satisfied with our service. We strive for the best results and customer service; however, we are not perfect. No service offered are guaranteed to completely restore the vehicle to any previous or new condition. We will try our absolute best to restore the vehicle to the best condition possible and within the constraints of our resources, time, and expertise. If, after the final inspection/vehicle release, you find our service unsatisfactory, please contact us within that same day so we can address your concern. M&G Automotive Detailing will not be held liable for any concerns after 24 hours of job completion or if you did not complete the final inspection with us.

By scheduling any service with M&G Automotive Detailing you hereby agree to all terms listed on said agreement.


Estimates are based on the information provided to us by you, the customer. If there is more work needed or a better recommendation needed after accepting a job we will notify you immediately, at which time a decision will be made whether there will be additional costs and how you wish for us to proceed. M&G Automotive Detailing will make every effort to quote a job accurately; but in the event of unforeseen circumstances or costs, we will notify you if there needs to be cost adjustment or if delays will result.

General Terms And Conditions, Terms Of Payment, Legal Fees, And Disputes

The customer agrees to make full payment prior to the release of the vehicle(s). The vehicle(s) will not be released until full payment has been processed accordingly. Any invoice that is not paid at the time of delivery is considered past due and the customer is responsible for all collection fees including but not limited to attorney fees and court costs for unpaid balances at the interest rate of 18% per annum. This is not an expectation contract, and we are not responsible for buyers’ remorse. By accepting the vehicle(s) you are accepting the job as complete, and that the performance is satisfactory. You are responsible for inspecting the vehicle(s) upon receipt. If disputes are not identified in writing within the three-day time frame the customer has accepted the job and the invoice. Customers must contact M&G Automotive Detailing of all work in dispute, accompanied by written explanation. After investigation, if an error is found on our behalf, we will make appropriate corrections.

M&G Automotive Detailing is not responsible for loss or damage to vehicle or articles left in vehicle in case of fire, theft, accident, or any other cause while in our care. It is the client’s responsibility to read our Terms & Conditions before approving a job.

Damage Or Loss Insurance

  1. The Owner shall be responsible for ensuring that appropriate motor vehicle insurance coverage, including physical damage coverage, is current (non-expired) and in effect for the term of this Contract, and shall provide proof of such coverage. If the Owner does not maintain appropriate motor vehicle insurance coverage for the Vehicle for the duration of the term of this Contract M&G Automotive Detailing will in no event be liable to the Owner for damage to the Vehicle.
  2. M&G Automotive Detailing shall not be liable for consequential, indirect, special, incidental, or punitive damages under any circumstances.
  3. M&G Automotive Detailing will not be liable for loss or damage occasioned by gradual deterioration of the Vehicle due to exposure to the elements, natural wear/tear, or neglect of maintenance.
  4. M&G Automotive Detailing shall not be responsible for the loss of or damage to the Vehicle, or injury to persons occurring in or about the Vehicle, by reason of use or operation of the Vehicle by the Owner or other persons not employed by M&G Automotive Detailing or by reason of the acts, omissions or negligence of the Owner or other persons in and about the Vehicle.

Mobile & Drop Off Service Terms

Being a mobile service, we come to you expecting to have the following: An ample amount of space to perform our service, permission to be on-premises if you are not the owner; and a safe location as well as safe conditions to service your vehicle. If we arrive and the previously mentioned conditions are not met, we reserve the right to reschedule the service at a later time/date that works for both parties. There would also be a rescheduling fee of $50.00.

If the service is provided at your home, please make sure to have all vehicles that will be leaving adjusted, so we do not have to break down our setup to allow them to move.

We require payment to be made in full on the day of the scheduled service immediately upon completion of the service. If the customer is not present, they can leave payment in cash or we will send an invoice via email/text that must be paid in full the same day, as well as reserve the right to charge any card we have on file for the remaining balance upon completion of the service. Failure to pay in full on the same day will result in a 10% late charge.

The Customer assumes all responsibility for any existing damage on the vehicle prior to pickup. The vehicle owner will ensure that the vehicle is in good operating order prior to pick up. Any service charges or fees related to the mechanical or electrical failure of the vehicle will solely be the responsibility of the customer. The customer will ensure that all the vehicle indicator lights, lamps, and bulbs brakes, and safety controls are in proper working order.

The vehicle must contain enough fuel to complete the pickup and return trip and it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle has enough fuel for the trip. If fuel needs to be added to the vehicle, the customer will be billed for the fuel that has been put into the vehicle in addition to a $20 fueling charge.

The vehicle must be compliant with all registration and insurance guidelines according to the vehicle’s state of registration.


A nonrefundable deposit is required for any appointment that is scheduled. This allows us to secure your time slot in our schedule.


We take pride in being a reliable small business, and exceptional pride in doing superior work for our customers. Your satisfaction and loyalty are the lifeblood of our business, and we’ll always deliver the promised results in a timely fashion. Often the work is done exclusively, and with this extra touch comes some responsibility on the customer to provide a minimum of 12 hours advance notice when a cancellation is unavoidable. If notice is not provided within the time frame or a no show occurs the deposit is kept and a new one will have to be resubmitted to reschedule. If a second rescheduling or cancellation on the second appointment occurs the customer is automatically charged a flat $100.00 rescheduling/cancellation/no-show fee.

We reserve the right to alter or amend a booking time/date without penalty if weather is a factor.

Vehicle Terms

Please remove all personal belongings, money, and other significant items from your vehicle prior to any type of detailing. You must remove large amounts of trash and other debris from your vehicle prior to having it serviced; or you may incur an additional clutter clean-up fee of at least $25.

If car seats are present, we can remove them and clean the area but due to child safety we will not reinstall car seats under any circumstances.

We reserve the right to charge each vehicle according to its condition, the type of vehicle and the customer location.

We reserve the right to amend any price during the detailing should it differ from the original price (with discussion with customer beforehand).

Additional fees will be applied to all jobs that involve excessive pet hair, sand, dirt, stains, or other levels of excessive build-up.

We make no guarantees when it comes to the removal of stains and/or odors from vehicles. We aim to please so we will try our best. Please be aware that some upholstery and carpets are beyond cleaning and may not completely clean up as expected. Some stains are permanent. We may consult you on what can and can/ cannot be done regarding your vehicle’s interior

Some odors cannot be removed by cleaning alone and would need specialized treatment or replacement of the area that is contaminated.

When it comes to windows, we try to be our best. But from time to time and depending on temperature windows may have a streaking. Please allow the car to cool and then take a microfiber towel and wipe the film off if you see streaks. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; this is simply the nature of how window cleaning chemicals/ temperature/ environment work together.

We are not responsible for damage due to heavily soiled, stained, or damaged interior components, such as dash buttons and steering column buttons and knobs. Such areas may be so caked with dirt, grime, and makeup that cleaning may result in these buttons and knobs losing their markings.

The headliner is gently cleaned, however, there may be remaining stains. The glue used for headliners will start to release if cleaned more aggressively or with stronger cleaners. Please understand that headliners may not come completely clean due to this reason. If you choose to clean them at your own risk, they may look clean but will sag over time due to the glue being compromised.

We do not use harsh cleaning products on any interior or exterior areas. All our products are safe and do not chemically damage carpets, leather, vinyl, plastic, painted, clear coated, or chrome surfaces.

We are not responsible for baked-on brake dust that cannot be completely removed either on the surface or deep within the wheel. Some wheels are beyond cleaning and may need to be repaired or replaced.

Bird droppings, bug splatter, sap, and tar will chemically etch into your vehicle’s paintwork if left for a period. This will result in a deep chemical mark on the paintwork that may need additional work to safely remove, or otherwise be permanent damage. In some cases, the mark cannot be removed completely without comprising the clear coat.

Exterior black or grey, textured, or smooth trim pieces may be beyond restoring and will have to be replaced. We try our best to restore the plastic to its original color and luster.

Any wax, sealant, or coating not properly cared for will not last its intended durability length. We recommend routinely hand washing your vehicle.

We will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse under any circumstances and will take the relevant actions should any such behaviors be encountered. We reserve the right to terminate service at any given time for any reason.

Price, Labor, & Material Increases:

Due to the nature of our industry, material costs are always a moving target as well as current cost of living, employee wages, etc. therefore M&G Automotive Detailing reserves its right to update, change, and amend pricing without notice.

Paint Correction, Polishing, & Scratch Removal:

Paint correction by its definition is the removal of defects in the paint surface of the vehicle.

Some scratches may be too deep to remove safely. We will always do our best to minimize them but at the risk of removing too much clear coat, we will always lean on the side of caution. It is better to live with a scratch VS taking away too much clear coat. There is only so much clear coat on a vehicle, and it can be VERY easy to remove too much material. Once the clear coat is breached and removed, the vehicle panel will need to be repainted.

The amount of labor your vehicle needs to get it looking its best is different for every vehicle. That is why we can never quote you a flat rate price over the phone or on the internet – Those are considered blind estimates and final pricing may be discussed at the time of the appointment or during an in-person consultation.

Electric Vehicles

M&G Automotive Detailing works with different electric vehicles on a consistent basis. However, there are always new software upgrades and design changes that may not be installed on your vehicle. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle has the necessary recalls and software changes addressed in addition to a full charge when dropping off.