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Hand-Polished Care

M&G Service Promise

Your happiness is our top priority. We will align our services with your expectations through honest conversations about your budget and the results you have in mind.

We offer a selection of curated packages to fit every budget and we don’t negotiate prices just like we don’t negotiate on the quality of our work or your satisfaction. If we’re doing right by you and your vehicle, it takes time and patience. The level of detailing we perform is true craftsmanship and our passion is evident in our results. You can trust us to never rush or compromise.

The prices below do NOT include tax and are estimates until vehicles are physically assessed to confirm scope of work. Website prices are considered most current. M&G accepts cash, credit cards, Venmo or PayPal.


Motorcycle Ceramic Coating

Motorcycle Detail includes:

  • Hand wash exterior
  • Polish all chrome surfaces
  • Clean and ceramic coat leather seat
  • 1 step polish of all painted surfaces to remove light defects and imperfections
  • Apply 1 coat of Gtechniq Crystal Serum Lite 2+ years to all painted and chrome surfaces

$800 + tax

“M&G is a wonderful service! I will be using them in the future and I appreciate their hard work and dedication to their job. Thanks again!!”

-Molly F.